Older Adult Fitness

Empower Fitness provides a one-on-one functional fitness programs  that encourages participants to be independent, safe and mobile. Our functional fitness assessment and subsequent individualized program focuses not only on a person’s strength, mobility, and endurance but especially a person’s ability to perform their daily activities. We focus on building a body capable of doing real-life activities in real-life positions. As people age, there’s wear and tear on the body. They lose muscle mass, bone strength and their sense of balance. Functional fitness focuses on keeping seniors independent as long as possible. Frequent exercise can help relieve arthritis pain, reduce the risk of falling and even lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. We create a customized fitness program to address the specific needs and goals of each individual. As a Certified Specialist in Fitness for Older Adults, Kari has excellent skills and training in senior wellness. With a compassionate and respectful approach, she builds trust, achieves goals and fosters caring relationships with her clients.


IMG_1025I met Carol in April 2014 when she came with her daughter for a consultation for personal training services. To put it mildly she was pretty resistant to the idea, never had “worked out” and was doing it to make her daughters happy. Carol had severe back pain and for the most part was sedentary not able to participate in the things that bring her joy like gardening. Over the past four months we have worked on functional fitness exercises that focus on building a body capable of doing real-life activities in real-life positions. She has made huge amount of progress in understanding body mechanics, building core strength, increasing balance & flexibility. At 75 years of age, she is beginning to enjoy life again. Does she still have aches & pains, of course! But she is able to use what she has learned and move in a way that minimizes her pain. I am so proud of the progress she has made and the fact that she chose me to help her. As we continue on our journey together we will work on building more mobility and function for her daily life.